Character and Leadership Development Program Speaker Series

The Character and Leadership Program Speaker Series inspires, encourages, and educates our students. Speakers come to campus and share their stories, insights, and lessons learned. This program exposes our students to perspectives that not only enhance their experience at Glen Mills Schools but also influence their future life decisions. Over the past four years, we have welcomed almost 50 speakers to campus. Speakers have included:

• Dick Vermeil, Legendary NFL Football Coach 
• Bernard Pierce, NFL player and former student
• Michael Barkann & Ike Reese, Sports Broadcaster and Former Professional Football Player
• Sonny Hill, Sports Broadcaster and Founder of Sonny Hill Youth Basketball League
• Phil Martelli, Head Basketball Coach, St. Joseph’s University
• Ron Claiborne, ABC News Anchor - Good Morning America
• Wali Jones, Former NBA basketball player and Miami Heat Executive
• Jon Dorenbos, NFL Player, Motivational Speaker, Magician
• Ben Davis, Comcast Broadcaster, Former Professional Baseball Player

• Joe Crawford, NBA Basketball Official
• Mike Regan, PA House of Representatives
• Reggie Showers, Disabled Pro Stock Champion Race Car Driver
• Vicki Otmanti, Local endurance world rowing record holder 
• Raheem Brock, Temple University, Former NFL Player
• Todd Rucci, Penn State, Former NFL Player
• Sherman Wood, Salisbury University Football Coach
• Joe Trainer, Villanova assistant Football coach 
• Jesse Hart, Super Middleweight Division Champion Boxer
• Malik Hall, Defensive Line Coach, University of Penn
• Steven Johnson, NFL Football Player
• Former NBA Coach Jim Lynam
• Malik Johnson, Pro Boxing Trainer 
• Tom DeFelice, President of the Fourth Down and Inches Foundation

Government, Court, Military
• Robert Reed, U.S. District Attorney 
• Edward Turzanski, Former D.O.J. Anti-Terror Advisory Committee Member
• Dr. Eugene Richardson, Tuskegee Airman
• Dana Redd, Mayor, Camden New Jersey 
• Commander William R. Mock, Jr., P.E. Civil Engineer Corps, US Navy
• Adam Talifiero, New Jersey State Free holder
• Seth Williams, Former Philadelphia D.A.
• Honorable Barry Dozier, Delaware County Juvenile Judge
• US Marine Auxiliary, History of American Flag
• Honorable Michael Ryan, Cuyahoga County Judge
• Former  Delaware Governor Jack Markell
• Daniel Van Wyk, Brigadier  General
• Jack Markell, former state of Delaware Governor

Business and Community Members
• Lance Bachmann, Former Student, founder and CEO of
• Antong G. Lucky, Former student and Strategic Alliance Coordinator for Vision Regeneration 
• Paul Isenberg, Founder and CEO, Bringing Hope Home
• Jen Croneberger, Inspirational Speaker and Mental Game Certified Professional (MGCP)
• Michael Rounds, President, Williamson College of the Trades
• Joe Conklin, Local radio personality
• Todd Griffin, President Vision Program
• Frank Burton, Former FBI agent, Founder of Perfect Will Ministries, New Castle County, Delaware
• Michael McIntyre, Principle of Fredrick Douglass School in Chester
• Ron James, Motivational Speaker and Author/ “Choices”
• Jael Chambers, Director of Young Life in Philadelphia
• Dr. Robert Ersek, World Famous Plastic Surgeon  
• Jim Getty, Abraham Lincoln Impersonator - 150th Anniversary of the Gettysburg
• Gregory Kenny, MLK “I Have a Dream Speech,” Black History Month
• Lola Ames, Ed. D, Black History Month Presenter
• Dennis Murphy, veteran
• Jimmy White , Travis Manion Character Ambassador