Clubs and Activities

Glen Mills has a variety of clubs and activities which provide the students with entertainment while promoting growth and responsibility.

Battling Bulls Club

The Battling Bulls Club is the student government for the school and supports the development of positive student leadership, the growth of the pro-social normative culture and presents an opportunity for students to be recognized for their positive behavior and personal growth.

The club members coordinate numerous activities on campus, hold club and leadership meetings, take responsibility for monitoring campus activities and coordinate student jobs. All students are eligible to become members of this high-status club based on their behavior and on recommendation of their peers and unit staff.

Student Union

The Glen Mills Schools operates a Student Union similar to those located on college campuses around the country. The Student Union serves as a meeting place for our student body to enjoy electronic games, billiards, ping pong and is equipped with two snack bars where low cost sandwiches, pizza, sodas, ice cream and milkshakes can be purchased.

Recreation & Special Events

During the course of his stay at Glen Mills, the student may have the opportunity to take field trips to museums, historical points of interest, state parks, etc. Additionally, students will attend all home varsity sporting events and, on occasion, will attend away sporting competitions.

During the calendar year, there are many special events in which students can participate. Some of these include Career Day, Halloween Show, Homecoming, Air Guitar Show, “Environthon”, Christmas Choir, Good Citizenship Awards, Rotary Club Speakers, Union League, Thornbury Historical Society Pancake Breakfast, Educational Awards Ceremony and Sports Awards Ceremonies.