Student Life

Glen Mills is an open residential facility located on 856 acres on our beautiful collegiate-style campus in Delaware County. Almost all student life activities occur on our campus of over 30 buildings and numerous athletic fields, which host technology infused programs and numerous extracurricular activities.

Residential Living

All students reside in one of our thirteen residential units. Students are randomly assigned to living units generally referred to as “cottages”. The cottages are designed as dormitory style living with most cottages housing four students to a room.

The cottages are designed primarily for sleeping, but some activities such as educational classes, group and individual counseling and some recreation also take place there.

Upon admission, all students are assigned a personal counselor and a “big brother” to facilitate their adjustment to the restorative justice program. All campus norms (expected behaviors) are clearly explained during orientation with both peers and staff.


GGI is a formal group process that utilizes positive peer group pressure to change behavior. GGI is held Monday through Friday at 8:00 AM. GGI is a group meeting that helps to change behavior from negative to pro-social. Along with a trained staff member who facilitates the group process, peers provide feedback, confrontation and support to help fellow group members.