How long will my son stay at Glen Mills Schools?

The length of placement depends upon many factors, but is primarily determined by the placing agency, program admitted to and a youth’s progress. Most students are placed for 9 to 12 months.

What can my son bring to Glen Mills Schools?

Students are permitted to bring and use clothing from home. There are certain types and styles of clothing which are not permitted. The maximum amount of money that a student can have is not to exceed five dollars. A student or his parent(s)/guardian(s) should always check with a staff member in his living unit before mailing clothing or items to the Glen Mills Schools.

Do I need to purchase anything specific for his placement?

You do not need to purchase anything for your son’s placement. Upon arrival each student is furnished personal hygiene items that include a towel & washcloth, toothbrush, soap, deodorant and toothpaste. All youth are provided with a “clothing requisition” shortly after arrival.

How often will he get to come home?

Before granting a home pass, a student must complete the required time period as stipulated by his jurisdiction. After meeting this minimum requirement, home passes will be issued based upon factors such as: regulations and agreements of your home jurisdiction; student behavior, Bulls Club status, and parental/guardian permission.

When can I visit my son?

Visitation is Monday through Friday 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm (scheduled at least 2 days prior to the visit); Saturday & Sunday 1:30 pm – 4:00 pm (scheduled before 4:30 on Wednesday) and Holidays 1:30 pm – 4:00 pm (scheduled 2 days prior to the visit). Visitation is restricted to parent(s), grandparents and legal guardians.

Can my son contact me?

Students are encouraged to mail letters daily to guardians; they are granted weekly phone calls to parents and can make personal calls daily during free time. Cell Phones and callings cards are prohibited.

How is placement paid for?

Payment depends upon the county or state in which the youth resides. Private placements are accepted. Please contact the Admissions Department.