Old Comrades Band performs at Glen Mills

Old Comrades Band performs at Glen Mills

By Walter Fitzpatrick
Battling Bulletin Student Writer

     The Old Comrades Band, featuring saxophonist and Glen Mills Board Member Emeritus Harvey Ellis, recently performed a spirited hour-long concert for the student body, faculty, and special guests.
     Conductor Greg Kauriga lead the 30 plus members of the band in their performance as they played a wide variety of selections, including rag tunes and other songs from a bygone era. The talented band also performed the Eagles Fight Song, which was a crowd favorite. The band has been playing together for 31 years. Some of the instruments the talented musicians played included trombones, tubas, French horns, clarinets, and more.
     “We were excited about playing this concert,” Ellis, an accomplished musician, said. “I really wanted the Old Comrades Band to play at Glen Mills because I love this school and this is my favorite band that I play in.”
     Students enjoyed the show.
     “It was neat to hear some songs and a style of music that I wasn’t familiar with,” student Jan Valera said. “You can really appreciate their talent when you hear them play.”

Editor’s Note: Battling Bulletin student writer Jan Valera contributed to this article.

PHOTO: Glen Mills Board Member Emeritus Harvey Ellis (red suspenders) and the Old Comrades Band performed at the school.