Glen Mills students benefit from Transformation Yoga

     The Glen Mills Schools recently teamed with the Kennett Square, Pa based Transformation Yoga Project to provide twice weekly hour-long sessions to some of our students. The Trauma Sensitive Yoga and Mindfulness class is an evidenced based modality that recognizes the impact that traumatic events can have on the brain and body of a person.
     The eight-week program looks to increase self-regulation, self-awareness and emotional intelligence. Meanwhile, the program is also designed to lessen anxiety/depression and impulsive behaviors. The Transformative Yoga Project teaches trauma sensitive yoga and mindfulness throughout the criminal justice system. Brianne Murphy, the Director of the Criminal Justice and Reentry with the Transformation Yoga Project, played a big role in getting the project to Glen Mills.
     Meanwhile, certified yoga instructor Andrew Moore is enjoying working with the Glen Mills students. Moore has a unique connection with the students as he was a former counselor/teacher at Glen Mills in 2008.
     “It’s nice to be back,” Moore said. “The students have  surprising insight into the philosophy of yoga and are benefitting from the project.”
     Students are taking advantage of the opportunity to participate in the project and are reaping the benefits.
     “I’ve been enjoying it,” Glen Mills student Jeremy Kholos-Garcia said. “It helps relieve some normal, everyday stress and I’ve found that it has had a positive impact in my daily life.”
     Student Tymeir Oglesby has also liked being involved in the program.
     “I’ve always enjoyed learning new things and this is certainly new to me,” Oglesby said. “It’s been really relaxing and settling.”