Glen Mills Schools recognized by Allegheny County (PA)

     The Glen Mills Schools was recently named Allegheny County’s Program of the Year. Allegheny County Assistant Chief Juvenile Probation Officer Dave Evrard recently notified Glen Mills Admissions representative Bob Gillis, the school’s Western Area Supervisor, of the honor. Allegheny County is in the southwestern corner of Pennsylvania and encompasses the Pittsburgh area.    
     “I believe we received this award in recognition of all of the fine services we provide for the youth, the professionalism we deliver to the probation department, and the results from the student returning to their communities,” Gillis said.
     On any given day, the Glen Mills Schools provides services to nearly three dozen students from Allegheny County.
     “We have given a commitment to provide quality services to their youth and I believe they are appreciative of our efforts,” Gillis concluded.
     Allegheny County will officially recognize the school at a ceremony in December.
      Evrard had the chance to visit Glen Mills for the first time several years ago and his tour guides were none other than two Glen Mills students.
      Evrard said, “Several years ago I planned my first visit to Glen Mills School.  To be honest, I didn’t want to like it because it was so far from Pittsburgh.  When I arrived at the school, I was given a tour by two youth.  No staff from Glen Mills, just the two youth so I could have open and honest conversations with them.  They showed me the facilities, presented the programs and explained all the opportunities they had available to them, and they spoke honestly about what they experienced while living at the school.  I was very impressed with everything they shared and since that time I have learned even more about the great opportunities offered to youth.  Allegheny County is proud to nominate Glen Mills Schools as the 2017 JCJC Residential Program of the Year.”