Anguillian program director cites Glen Mills culture as “awesome”

    Ms. Yoshida Gumbs, the program director of Zenaida Haven on the beautiful Eastern Caribbean island of Anguilla, recently completed a two week visit to the Glen Mills Schools and came away very impressed after studying many aspects of the program. In fact, the veteran educator plans to implement some of the Glen Mills programming in her own facility and hopes to emulate the Glen Mills culture into her already positive environment at Zenaida Haven.“This has been a very fulfilling experience and I have felt extremely welcomed by all the staff and students,” Ms. Gumbs expressed.                                                                                   

     Ms. Gumbs, who studied at Midwestern State University in Texas, loves her work at Zenaida Haven, a 10 bed facility for young men 12-17 years of age. The facility, named after the country’s national bird, has been serving young people for over eight years.                                                                                                    

     “Zenaida Haven is a lot like Glen Mills but on a much smaller scale,” Ms. Gumbs said. “It really makes me feel accomplished when I can impact a young man’s life. I’ve always had a passion for helping young people.”
     She noted how she was very excited about our school wide PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions and Support) program recently adopted at Glen Mills and the culture that it fosters.
     “I really enjoyed the culture- that really stood out to me,” Ms. Gumbs said.
     Ms. Gumbs enjoyed her visit to the school and found it an eye opening experience for the veteran administrator.
     “I’ve really enjoyed the chance to actually examine some of the programs and the operation of the school (Glen Mills) to see how we can best implement some of those ideas at our facility.”
     “This was a very intense two weeks and I learned a lot of things that stood out, especially the fact that
     Glen Mills has so many programs and the boys who go here have such a wide variety of programming,” Ms. Gumbs continued.
     As well as being impressed with the student body, who she referred to as “very pleasant young men,” she also came away with a great impression of the Glen Mills staff members.
     “There are so many dedicated staff members who have been here for so long,” Ms. Gumbs noted. “You can tell that the staff members are here to make a difference. It is not just a job to them."
     Ms. Gumbs concluded with her overall impression of Glen Mills.
     “I think Glen Mills is an awesome school,” Ms. Gumbs said. “I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a placement…It is creating a path for these young men.”