Regulatory Compliance

 Regulatory Compliance is responsible for monitoring adherence to Pennsylvania Code Title 55. Public Welfare §3800, which sets the standards governing Child Residential and Day Treatment Facilities, as well as preparing for an annual, licensing audit.

Licensing Information

Glen Mills Schools contracts with a variety of different states and numerous jurisdictions. Contract stipulations and out of state licensing regulations are monitored and communicated. Statistics and outcome measures are prepared for distribution to our various customers.

Outcome Measures

We maintain two basic types of Outcome Measures: Placement and Post Placement. Placement Outcome Measures are divided into (a) individual case outcomes which include monthly ISP progress and Quarterly and Discharge summaries and (b) Comprehensive outcomes in the form of jurisdictional reports and a total facility report which is designed to be compiled at the completion of our fiscal year.

Evidence Based Programs

Evidence-based programs for juveniles that are supported by scientifically sound research help reduce recidivism upon release. Glen Mills presently utilizes four evidence-based interventions: Moral Reconation Therapy®, MRT® companion programming Coping with Anger® and Parenting and Family Values® and Botvin LifeSkills® Training.

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Competency Based Programs

Glen Mills has developed four enhanced restorative justice programs that will serve to expand and enrich the knowledge base of our students in accordance with the Balanced and Restorative Justice principles of competency development. These programs are integrated into the framework of our well established behavior management system and include: Drug & Alcohol Education, Gun Violence Prevention, Wellness & Nutrition, and Independent Living skills.

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