Placement Services

Glen Mills offers the following services to students in residential placement.


Transportation to and from a youth’s home jurisdiction upon admissions and discharge will be provided as prescribed in the prevailing contractual agreement and will include, but not be limited to: air, train, bus or facility owned vehicles. Home visitation will be arranged with the approval of the committing agency according to the appropriate guidelines. 


Orientation begins with the admissions interview process; youth are apprised of what is expected of them and what they should expect from their placement at Glen Mills Schools. Schedules, processes and practices are explained to both the youth and his parents. Prior to intake or on the day of intake, a follow–up contact is made to reinforce program expectations. Upon arrival, each youth is assigned a personal counselor and a peer mentor who reiterates expectations and reviews our norms.

Diagnostic/Psychological Evaluation

Each new student has testing and a psychological interview upon admission. This review process serves to determine if there is a need for psychological or psychiatric support.  Those who are specifically committed for the purpose of Diagnostic and evaluation are integrated into the residential population during their 30-45 day placement and a report is prepared for their diagnostic court date.

Medical Services

Our Health Center is located on the school grounds and is open from Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:30 and 4:30. There is an array of services provided to all students that includes a daily sick call and on call services provided by Glen Mills Medical staff. 

Dental Services

The Glen Mills Dental Center is a state of the art dental facility owned and operated by the School. The facility is open five days a week with six operatories staffed by full and part time dentists, hygienists, an endodontic and an oral surgeon. All students receive an examination every six months and follow up treatment is conducted in accordance with the treatment plan.