When we were young, many of us were lucky enough to have someone in our lives who helped us make good choices, made sure we learned from our mistakes, and expected us to do something positive with our lives.
Many Glen Mills students haven’t had this experience. Glen Mills Schools shows them a world they never dreamed of. 
The campus is stunning, staff believe in our students and hold them to high standards, and we offer the strongest possible programs that give them the second chance every teen deserves. 
Glen Mills Schools will give over 1,000 youth a second chance this year. You can help Glen Mills Schools create a fundamentally different future for these youth which will improve their lives, their communities, and their future work places. With your support, Glen Mills Schools will provide the positive culture, educational support, and workforce training our students need to turn their lives around. 
There are many flexible and convenient ways to give Glen Mills Schools students a second chance.

Check: Please send a check payable to Glen Mills Schools to PO Box 5001 Concordville, PA, 19342.
Online Donation: Click here to make a secure contribution online.
Recurring Gift: Click here to make a monthly gift, which is a way to make a consistent difference in the lives of Glen Mills Schools’ students – and to spread your contribution out over the year. You can increase, decrease or cancel your pledge at any time.