Many former at-risk students have successfully continued their life paths after they have moved on from the Glen Mills Schools. Our young men have gone on to enjoy careers in business, medicine, higher education, professional sports, and many other areas as well. Here are just some of the many success stories.

Success Stories

Boxing champ, former Battling Bull Bernard Hopkins inspires Glen Mills students

“Glen Mills Schools has a lot of hidden gems and jewels that will be discovered,” former Glen Mills student and boxing legend Bernard Hopkins said of the student body during a recent Character and Leadership Development Program event on July 10th.

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Lee, Williams, Gilchrest, Lucky, and Casillas inducted into Bulls For Life Wall of Fame

Five former Glen Mills students were inducted into the Bulls For Life Wall of Fame on June 22nd prior to the Educational Awards Ceremony.

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Former Glen Mills standout, Super Bowl champ Bernard Pierce encourages students

“Being at Glen Mills was a blessing,” former GMS student and Super Bowl champion Bernard Pierce recently told an assembled group of students.

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Former GMS student Lucky inspires youth

Let’s not kid ourselves- not everyone scores an invitation to the State of the Union Address. But that’s where former Glen Mills student Antong Lucky...

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