Many former at-risk students have successfully continued their life paths after they have moved on from the Glen Mills Schools. Our young men have gone on to enjoy careers in business, medicine, higher education, professional sports, and many other areas as well. Here are just some of the many success stories.

Success Stories

A saved life becomes many

Heriberto Bahamonde recalls “hard work and respect” as pillars of his Glen Mills experience

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Proud Bull for Life Blanchard grateful for Glen Mills opportunity

“Dead. Definitely. That was the path I had chosen,” Charles Blanchard said very matter of factly about where he would be if Glen Mills had not come into his life.

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Tony Downing calls Glen Mills a “Lifesaving Program”

Without having the opportunity to enroll at the Glen Mills Schools, Tony Downing says, “I would have been dead by 17."

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Leonard Brown, Jr. credits Glen Mills for “saving” his life

“I think I would have been unemployed and have a tough time. It would have been a tough task. Without Glen Mills, it would have been rough,” former Glen Mills student Leonard Brown, Jr. said.

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