The Glen Mills Schools’ Administration is led by its Executive Director, who is hired by the Glen Mills Schools’ Board of Managers. The Executive Director is responsible for all aspects of the management and supervision of the Schools’ day-to-day operations.

The Executive Director is assisted by a Leadership Team, who heads the six different departments at the Schools. The Schools’ Administration has developed a solid infrastructure of policies and procedures to assure the highest quality of service and delivery to the students we serve. The Administration is supported by a highly dedicated staff, which provides the quality services to the youth committed to the Schools.

The Administration and Staff are committed to ensuring the legacy of the Schools continues through the delivery of the highest quality of services at the Schools.

Board of Managers

Mrs. Carolyn Seagraves

Mr. Curtis Johnson
1st Vice President

Ms. Ruth Leach

Mr Frank Albero

Mr. Scott Booth

Mr. William Carr

Mr. Christopher Drumm

Mr. Harvey Ellis-Emeritus

Ms. Sharon Esterly

Mrs. Amy Morton





Mr.  Robert Glendenning

Mrs. Mitzi Hepps

Mr. Vance Hudson

Mr.  F. Joseph Loeper

Mr. George Mosee

Mr. T.R. Pilot

Mr. Jack Ruane

Mr. Curtis Reitz

Mr. John T. Shields

Mr. Gil Spencer

Mr. Philip A. Tordella, ESQ