An arial view of the campus
A Message from our Director

Since 1975 there has been something distinctly different about the Glen Mills Schools. This occurred with the implementation of a sociological model of dealing with behavior. It utilizes the techniques of peer pressure and group confrontation and views juvenile delinquency as a social fact. Our goal with this model is: (1) to change anti-social behavior to pro-social and; (2) to provide the necessary life skills to sustain that change.

Glen Mills Schools - Mission

Glen Mills Schools, the oldest existing school of its kind, was founded in 1826 on the belief that at-risk youth have unlimited potential. This legacy continues today as we serve court-referred youth. We assess the unique needs of each student, teach tools for success, and offer meaningful opportunities for personal growth. We do this to transform students’ lives and offer students a future filled with new opportunity, hope, and resiliency. 

Glen Mills Schools - Philosophy

The Glen Mills Schools has a nearly forty year  history of success using our sociological model supports the assertion that the majority of adjudicated delinquents are not emotionally disturbed. In fact in the right environment they will behave as gentlemen and can achieve in all areas of social development. We believe that they have unlimited potential and endowment for achieving maximum personal growth.  We have integrated the Balanced and Restorative Justice principles of (1) accountability, (2) community protection, and (3) competency development into the paradigm and believe they are closely aligned with our philosophy.

Enhanced Services

With the recent addition of our Enhanced Services, which include both evidence-based programs and specialized competencies classes, we feel that we are able to provide even more opportunities for growth and development for our students. These services also closely parallel the Juvenile Justice System Enhancement Strategy (JJSES) paradigm currently being implemented and our Glen Mills Service Matrix categorizes our interventions to the Youth Level of Services (YLS) and Standardized Program Evaluation Protocol (SPEP) instruments. It is our commitment to integrate all of these new initiatives within the framework of our longstanding and well established treatment model. We are committed to having Glen Mills remain the finest school of its type in the country.